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Our purpose

We are the agency absolutely, utterly, fiercely focused on the individual. We use our data, technology and creative smarts to make meaningful, connections with every single person a brand knows. 

As a guiding ethos, RAPP stands up for Individuality. So much as, that's in our agency value proposition. We're committed to racial justice, equality, representation, and unbiased economic opportunity, because we know that the strength of our diversity helps us create our best work. And we believe in harnessing the strength of all our Fiercely Individual people, and the differences among us, because that's the surest way to positively impact our business and network culture. 

Our family

We are a member of Omnicom’s Precision Marketing Group (OPMG) focused on digital and CRM marketing.

Our home

If we learned anything this year, it’s that our organization truly can implement a “work where you work best” philosophy.  We still have physical offices, and, if they’re open, you are welcome to use them whenever you like. RAPP is located right near Chinatown in the financial district of San Francisco, we’re used to trollies (and tourists) daily.

No pressure, though - if you aren’t comfortable with coming in while COVID-19 plays out, you can still work where you work best. That said, while we do have our “work where you work best” philosophy, we legally have to care about what state you claim permanent residency in (it’s a tax thing). 

Our clients

From opening a checking account, helping to reduce peanut allergies, or diving into the creative tools that help engineers most, we provide smart solutions for Wells Fargo, Aimmune Therapeutics and Palo Alto Networks. 


You have 2+ years of experience developing compelling work for direct mail, email, print display and mobile. Your portfolio should make us say “O-M-G”.

You bring strong conceptual thinking, highly developed design skills and expertise in design programs. You push the boundaries of creative excellence and collaborate adeptly with your colleagues in Account, Strategy, Project Management and Print and Digital Production.

You’re able to show your thinking through sketches and present your ideas to anyone —from internal teams to client teams to agency leadership.

You know the Adobe Creative Suite (some knowledge in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), Keynote and PowerPoint.

You see briefs and brand guidelines not as a box, but as a canvas to create memorable, effective 1:1 communications.

What else? Is there an obscure band that you’re obsessed with? Travel to any exotic places recently? We’d love to know what makes you, you.


How to apply
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