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Posted 3 weeks ago

Brand Content And Copywriter

Job Description:

New Engen is seeking an innovative and motivated copywriter to bring our brand stories to life across all of our marketing touchpoints. In this role, you’ll leverage your research, critical thinking and creative communication skills to translate our complex but significant value propositions and case studies into compelling, clear narratives for laymen. You’ll be successful here if:

  • You’re a highly collaborative team player with a strong desire to learn and a spirit of curiosity.
  • You can see the creative potential in dry numbers and technical software – and can’t wait to bring those ideas to life.
  • You balance an efficient “get things done” attitude with a high bar for quality.
  • You have an eye for impactful creative execution, and you’re motivated by the powerful role of words and messages in marketing performance.


  • Translate New Engen’s services, products and industry into clear, compelling stories, statements, and words
  • Take on a range of project types – basically anything we need written about ourselves could fall in your wheelhouse. From in-depth multi-page case studies to punchy, intriguing LinkedIn ads.
  • Bring consumer-facing creativity to B2B communications while also mastering the best practices of B2B communications.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team responsible for content strategy, developing themes and messaging ideas that will make initiatives a splash
  • Iterate quickly when needed based on performance data and creative ideas to fuel testing
  • Work alongside designers, marketers and sales team colleagues to develop cohesive ads, pitches, and experiences
  • Seek to understand the “why” behind marketing results, and play an active part in exploring how copy, messaging and creative can be elevated and optimized
  • Take the reins on our brand voice and expression, testing, building and developing on the way we talk about ourselves, to ourselves and our customers.


Skills & Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of professional writing experience
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • Self-driven and able to maintain your own workload and prioritization
  • Strong conceptual skills: ability to brainstorm and iterate quickly
  • Desire to excel and contribute in a fast-paced, growing company
  • Positive attitude and desire to learn
  • Patience hearing and learning endless analytics acronyms


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